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At Nuba, we are not mere developers, we are also researchers. We love to understand specific markets' necessities and the lack of options for certain features when it comes to software. Therefore, after we identify a weakness in the offerings, we grab a cup of coffee and start creating a solution.

Our goal is to present a functional solution that fill the gaps, offer the best options, and are affordable to any customer size.

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Provides support in the acquisition and installation of residential solar panels, in favor of renewable energy, offering options that fits your needs taking care of the family economy.
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The best user validation solution for any Learning Management System. It can be integrated to the most commonly used learning systems and to custom ones too.
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Learn3 is a safe and secure solution for online learning and training with a multitude of options for content creation. Based on Moodle, the most used LMS worldwide, and AIIA, the best student verification app.
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Port is a complete and self-sufficient solution for logistics & transports. It offers features such as truck-tracking, traffic control, payroll, accounts payable and receivable, and much more.
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AIIA as a Service (AIIA AAS) is a stand alone solution for user verification using A.I. and face recognition. It can be embedded to any existing software to enhance user privileges and restrictions.
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Dingo Market Engine is an API-first market place engine that makes it easy to integrate with existing systems and workflows. The engine allows businesses to manage, store, and track merchants, products and orders.
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We have built some of the greatest solutions within each of the fields presented above.