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Tier 1 software development company since 2013

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellence in technology needs through the development of new software. To offer the best solution possible for our clients at reasonable costs. Enabling any company size to have access to tier 1 quality applications. We are determined and will thrive to deliver no matter what adversity comes our way. We are Nuba Solutions.

Our vision

Our vision is to keep doing what we do best, which is build modern and robust software solutions and grow each day as we have been doing since we started in 2013. Our ultimate goal is to become reference for the development field in the southwest, and eventually nationwide. One could think this is ambitious. We think this is a matter of time. Come fly with us.

How we work

Explaining our 4-Ds process

Identify the client's problems and demand. Explore every possible turn to understand the work and what the software should be able to accomplish.


Create strategies, define technologies to be used, and build interactive prototypes. The objective here is to develop the best experience for the user.


Use the latest and greatest technology available to build solutions that will not only fullfil the client's expectations, but also carry our name.


Test extensively, adapt accordingly, deliver nothing but quality. The ultimate goal is to have a satisfied customer that can come back whenever they need.

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We are a multicultural company with team members from all around the world. All Nubas (Person who works at Nuba) have extensive experience and expertise in information systems, integrations and product development. Our team members are more than capable of developing the best solution one can imagine. That is an extraordinary quality, but many can have. What they have more than others is the desire to deliver the best. To thrive under pressure and adversity. To go above and beyond everyday and become better.