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Dingo Market is an API-first market place engine that makes it easy to integrate with existing systems and workflows. The engine allows businesses to manage, store, and track merchants, products and orders.

It allows you to Integrate marketplace functionality to your existing systems by providing a customizable set of APIs out of the box to use with your current development tools, languages and processes.

It is hosted on the cloud using the latest technologies and it can scale globally with ease.

  • Set up merchants for selling or buying.

  • Manage merchant certifications and accreditation.

  • Create Product Catalogs and SKUs.

  • Create pricing lists and assign them to products.

  • Create and manage escrow accounts.

  • Create quotes, bids and purchase orders.

  • Rate merchant to allow customers to choose from best sellers and sellers to choose from the best buyers.

  • Setup webhooks and notifications.

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