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Nuba Solutions

We provide core cloud based information / monitoring systems, services and products for a wide spectrum of industries.

With focus on custom information systems paired with business management tools. Nuba Solutions provides systems integration and interoperability, business intelligence and analytics.


A statement from our CEO

When it comes to deliver reliable software we always recognize that´s only possible if you work with a reliable team. That is something which goes far beyond informatics.

Within Nuba we follow this very simple credo: Say what you do – and do what you say. By following this approach in all aspects of software development, testing and implementation, both for our standard products as for our customer tailored specials – we take pride in our work, by doing what is right – the right way.

Please feel free to check us out all time on this.

Thank you for your trust by putting your business in our hands.

Volker Rohde

Why Nuba Solutions?

We offer a managed collection of cloud services and technologies for customers in the US, Latin America and Europe.


Nuba Solutions utilizes Microsoft Azure Cloud
Data Centers.


Nuba’s extensive channel network combines OEM and distribution partners with solution integrators to provide comprehensive information system solutions worldwide.

What our
clients say

We work with the team at Nuba Solutions to create and maintain our software solutions. Recently, they created a mobile app to streamline one cumbersome process that we had.
The development process was carefully managed and painstakingly executed. The team was very quick to respond to feedback and suggest improvements on their own. The new program not only streamlined our office process considerably. But has yielded a much faster response time to our clients’ requests.
I have no hesitation in recommending Nuba Solutions as a software provider. They work tirelessly to deliver a stable product to us. There is clearly a culture of excellence that comes from within this company.

Letty Serano

Thanks Nuba! You created a high quality software, saving us money and time. Everything was according to plan and budget, plus they were really knowledgeable about my solution.

Robert G.

Russell Adams (RACOM Owner): I’ve worked with Nuba for the last 2 years. I find their approach consultative and experience led with a discipline for process and industry standards. As more was learned about the nuances of the project, they worked to make processes and communication more efficient. They demonstrated high levels of coding skills, transparency and took ownership of problems; Yohans and his staff going the extra mile to solve unforeseen issues. I saw a strong quality culture to enable the outcome I was looking for. Nuba will be working on the second phase of our project.

Russell Adams