Software Development

Custom Information Systems for Mobile and Web. A software development offering that’s an all-inclusive solution for those businesses that need to have their custom solutions always up to date and never become obsolete. With the advent of wide spread mobile and web applications, the landscape for business changes rapidly in a world where customers expect mobile and web services to be available, to quickly adapt to new trends and emerging technologies. Our custom made Month to Month SLA Software Development Contracts, provide a unique solution to customers with long or short term projects. Allowing them to budget software development as an operational expense as oppose to a capital expense.

Integrations and Interoperability (HL-7, DICOM, IHE, Custom)

In today’s world of ubiquitous technology and connectivity you need a partner that understands how to integrate systems in your organization. Integration of systems minimizes data entry errors lowering your costs, and boosting efficiency.

We have extensive experience in the radiology industry where connecting information systems is no longer an option. With over 200 radiology integrations under our belt, you can rest assured that your data is in good hands.

We can also help you with your custom or in-house developed systems to integrate them with commercial tools such as  Work Order System, QuickBooks , Scheduling and accounting systems

Product development

From a cool idea to a fully commercial product, Nuba can assist you along the whole way. With best practices, modern technology and a team with extensive experience in systems development, you are in good hands!

We can implement your concept in any of the mainstream platforms, Android, iOS, Windows and Linux

Contact us at sales@nubasolutions,com to start exploring your great ideas.

3rd party solutions maintenance and customization

Stuck with an old system? Buggy system? Need new functionality?

Take advantage of our extensive experience in information systems. We can evaluate your current solution and help you with existing defects or add new functionality to catch up with your operations.

Enhance your it team

For your extra muscle needs, we have developers for hire; from project managers, to entry and senior level developers as well as system architects.

We offer competitive rates and our guaranteed quality team is ready to assist your business


Contact us at

How we are doing it.


Nuba and its employees are vastly experienced in software development, with around 100 years of accumulated experience. We guarantee that Nuba will act on all pieces in the utmost professional way, always following the quality circle first time described by Edward Deming.


Say what you do, and do what you say. We thrive on your success, and delivering high quality software is our jam