A tutorial that explains the very basics of HL7®.

A beginner’s tutorial that explains the very basics of HL7®, and how it can be used.
It is designed to help you place HL7 messaging into context, so you are ready for the more complex matter of working with HL7.


An HL7 tutorial that covers the essentials of the HL7 message structure

The second video in the series of HL7 Messaging tutorials where we examine the structure of HL7 Messaging. This is the key tutorial for understanding HL7 Messages as it covers how to interpret HL7 Messages.
Don’t attempt HL7 integration work without getting these fundamentals covered.

HL7 Message Types Tutorial

HL7 message types describe the purpose of an HL7 message.

The third video in the series of HL7 Messaging tutorials where we examine the HL7 Message Types. Learn how to work with different HL7 message types, and identify the different components used to define a message. Prepare for your HL7 integration work with the tools to understand every HL7 message type that comes your way.

HL7 Lesson A: HL7 for a layman

The first class gives you a foundation framework.

A layman description that gives you the framework to understand HL7 and how you could make use in the best way. It has been built up to give you the bigger picture what it’s all about. It creates the foundation to zoom-in for more details in the following lessons.

HL7 Lesson B: How is the HL7 message structured

The second class gives you all the elements HL7 is built up.

This follow-up video about the HL7 laymen approach helps you to understand the parts an HL7 message is constructed of. This is maybe the most important part to understand HL7, because you are moving now into a direction to become a knowledgeable specialist. Don’t try to shortcut anything from this video, because otherwise you have to come back again.

HL7 Lesson C: How is the HL7 message structured

The third class in this foundation framework gives you the reason for each part of the message.

Now you are moving away from HL7 layman to become a specialist, who can evaluate different message types. Identify what these messages have to tell you with all the different segments. Be ready to become a teacher to your colleagues about HL7 content.