Remote working statistics

Working remotely is not something new. This methodology has been in place for a long time now. In fact, only in the United States in 2020:

  • 4.7 million employees (3.4% of the workforce) work from home at least half the week.
  • Roughly 62% of employees between 22 and 65 say they work remotely at least occasionally
  • 44% of employees say that part of their team is full-time remote.
  • While 30% of people report working remotely full-time, 18% work remotely one to three times per week

why is it beneficial?

There are many benefits around remote work. Among them are:

  • Productivity — Teleworkers are an average of 35-40% more productive than their office counterparts, and have measured an output increase of at least 4.4%.
  • Engagement — Higher productivity and performance combine to create stronger engagement, or in other words, 41% lower absenteeism.
  • Retention — 54% of employees say they would change jobs for one that offered them more flexibility, which results in an average of 12% turnover reduction after a remote work agreement is offered.

Data retrieved from Forbes

what can you do remotely?

Depending on your business’ field of work, there are a handful of activities can be done remotely. To cite a few:

  • Team meetings/conferences with video & chat
  • Share and collaborate on documents and files
  • Distribute tasks and track progress and performance of your team
  • Access your company’s system and server from home with no problem

why is it extremely IMPORTANT NOW?

Due to the unfortunate series of events involving the pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the whole world is going through tough times. The crisis not only is massively impacting health departments, but also the global economy.

For medium to small companies, the hit has been even harder. The struggle to keep it productive, has become more and more evident as the days come by. To minimize the damage, many of these businesses have already switched to working remotely. However, only a handful have the know how.

We understand that this type of change is still a little difficult to be accepted and it can be somehow vulnerable to skepticism. We also take in consideration that most of small businesses do not posses an I.T. department available. Which make the transition even more difficult.

There is where we come in to give your business a hand.

Nuba Solutions LLC, is proudly offering a FREE first call consultation on How to go remote for any business. We feel the obligation to give back to the community in times like this. Together we are stronger, and together we will prosper. If you are one of many who needs help, do not hesitate to contact us.

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