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Along the years, we have done some incredible work for our clients. From fully functional custom software to integrations. We have proudly delivered not only a piece of technology, but a solution to a problem.

Every item in our portfolio is a statement of our capabilities and shows how dedicated and perfectionists we are. We have been like that since we started, and guess what?

We are not going to stop.
Uach Mobile App

Student verification App for online education

A system developed to increase online education standards. A sophisticated and robust App to verify users' identity.

Tropicana App

Property management application

A fully fledged property management software to attend all needs of one of the biggest enterprise companies in the segment nationwide.


Transports and Logistics software

A software developed to fulfill all the clients needs in terms of transportation, logistics, HR within the company, and more.


Purchasing and Warranty management

MOTS development for recycling company to attend their purchasing and warranties needs, generate reports, and more.

Transmaritime App

Mobile App for picture evidences

An application developed for Transmaritime logistics to enable employees on the patio to take pictures of equipment and upload to their system.

Appmego App

Social media like for business

A business oriented social media for professionals in any area to connect to each other, attend meetings according to their location, and much more.

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We are proud to say we have delivered excellent solutions and helped many customers reach a better outcome from their operations.